‘Safe & Sound’ Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars

“The Hunger Games” A novel by Suzanne Collins is in the process of getting film treatment, in the form of a Lionsgate feature film. On the soundtrack to the film, there is a special track done by Miss Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars (Full Artist Profile) entitled Safe and Sound’(Universal) . The track is a haunting ballad in which Ms. Swift takes the lead, while Joy Williams sings a haunting harmony. All of this happens while John Paul White plays guitar and adds a signature falsetto twist to the arrangement. As for the instrumentation, the accompaniment is very nice and feature acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and sporadic hints of drums. All in all an excellently composed piece of music.

For Taylor Swift this is a way different direction from her normal material.  I hope to see more music like this from her in the future because it has a certain depth to it that songs like ‘You Belong with Me’ don’t have and as a Taylor Swift fan I don’t want her to get written off as just an artist that sings about falling in love, and then breaking up with them, In that order, every single album.

As for the Civil Wars I hope this track leads to more publicity. Even though their band name eludes to a time in history this band is fresh and deserves credibility and respect and are ready to earn it.

Check Out The Music Video For The Track Below:

The Civil Wars & Taylor Swift

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