Rise Against/ A Day To Remember

by M. Tozeski

In late February, A Day to Remember opening slot on tour with Rise Against, proving to be one of the most popular tours in 2012 as the tour circuit gets underway. The tour started with a boom in February by selling out the Tsongas Center at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. A Day To Remember began the night with their typical, crowd-pleasing show, which included beach balls, balloons, toilet paper rolls and a life sized Gumby shooting a tee-shirt gun. The high-octane singer, Jeremy McKinnon even crawled into a human size hamster ball and surfed the crowd. Their thirteen song set included hits off of their new album “What Separates Me From You” along with a good number off of the band’s third album “Homesick.” Their live shows continue to impress fans, each time getting tighter, escalating their popularity amongst new fans and old alike.

Rise Against took the stage after, opening with their typical political nature, showing images, up on several video panels across the stage. These images featured anti-war images and pro-peace slogans.  The band played a solid twenty-song set. Along with the help of the video monitors, “Make it Stop (September’s Children)” and “Help is On the Way” portrayed the band’s strong stance on the issue of bullying and on the government’s response to the Hurricane Katrina. Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Tim McIlrath put on one hell of a show, even coming out for a two song acoustic performance of “Audience of One” and “Swing Life Away.”. The bands unrelenting energy proved to be a crowd pleasure along with their array of lights. Both bands continue to show crowds what a live show should be, and what it means to truly play for the fans.

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