Machine Head and Darkest Hour- The Palladium 2/4/12

The Palladium in Worcester, MA is heavy metal Mecca for people who live in Massachusetts and New England. Hosting concerts as diverse as B.B. King, to Slayer, to Tyga, the Palladium has seen so much history within its walls. The Worcester Palladium also houses the annual New England Hardcore and Heavy Metal festival, which brings together the metal community, and many of its top bands. On Saturday evening I had the pleasure to see Machine Head, Suicide Silence, and Darkest Hour at the Palladium with a good friend.

Darkest Hour- Darkest Hour has been one of my favorite bands for about two or three years, and I was very happy to see them grace the stage at the Palladium. Guitarists Mike Schleibaum and Mike ‘Lonestar’ Carrigan really steal the show in Darkest Hour, showing tremendous prowess on their instruments whether on lead or rhythm. Lead vocalist and band co-founder John Henry put on a great performance through their whole set. The rhythm section featuring drummer Timothy Java (replaced Ryan Parrish in December) also played an amazing set.

Suicide Silence– Personally I don’t understand this band, they have a groove, but I just don’t get it. I have to give it up though to lead vocalist Mitch Lucker, who has an amazing stage presence.

Machine Head: Next up was the headliner, Machine Head. Starting with an intro featuring Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Diary of a Madman’ and then launching into their opening number ‘I Am Hell’ from their latest album Unto the Locust’(Roadrunner). About halfway through the set they played the track ‘Asthetics of Hate’ in tribute to the fallen great Dimebag Darrell. During the song the band projected an image of Dime’s silhouette which aroused a hearty applause from the audience. Another highlight of Machine Head’s set was when they played the beautifully written ‘Darkness Within’ which starts out with just an acoustic guitar and then proceeds to build to an epic level. One of the coolest things I’ve seen at a concert was during the song ‘Who We Are’ when the band projected pictures of fans from that show with lyrics and messages written on their skin or on paper. They finished their set with ‘Halo’ and ‘Davidian’ two of their most known and loved tracks. After they finished playing they saluted their fans by throwing picks and drumsticks to the audience. I happened to catch one of these drumsticks which made a great evening, even better.

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