The Civil Wars

Quite recently I stumbled across a folk/country singer songwriter duo called The Civil Wars. The Civil Wars where founded in 2008, and in 2009 released their first digital EP Poison & Wine.  The Poison and Wine EP consisted of four masterly written songs. In 2011 via Sensibility records they released their first full length entitled Barton Hollow. Featuring 12 tracks (not including the 2 Bonus Tracks) the album which was recorded at Art House Studios, in Nashville gives off a definitively country/folk vibe. The tracks also give a little touch of rock sensibilities especially on the title track which has a really country rock stomp to it (Think Fleetwood Mack meets the White Stripes).

Check out the Music Video for Barton Hollow:

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One thought on “The Civil Wars

  1. […] the soundtrack to the film, there is a special track done by Miss Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars (Full Artist Profile) entitled ‘Safe and Sound’(Universal) . The track is a haunting ballad in which Ms. Swift takes […]

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